3 Ways to Heat Your Home for Less this Fall

October 19th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Autumn is the time of year where the leaves begin to fall — and so does the temperature. Despite some warm bursts of air from time to time, the climate will definitely change in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for some ways to heat your home on a budget, then we highly recommend […]

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3 Facts Your Thermostat Doesn’t Tell You

October 11th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

The most important focal point of any home is the thermostat. Known as the device that controls the temperature and indoor air quality, it’s an absolute necessity and will make your space as comfortable as possible. Although the overall usage of a thermostat is pretty self-explanatory, there are also some key functions that not many […]

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What Is a Trenchless Sewer Installation?

October 5th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Picture this: you step outside one morning to pick up the paper — and suddenly a foul odor invades your nostrils. No, it’s not the new fertilizer your landscaper put down the other day — it’s a broken sewer line. One of the most time consuming projects is replacing a sewer line. Regardless of how […]

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

October 4th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

One of the most undesirable events of in-home plumbing are clogged pipes. When the pipes in your home are clogged, there are a multitude of avenues they can affect, such as raising your water bill. Instead of using harmful drain-cleaning agents, have you thought about hydro jetting? What is Hydro Jetting? Known as one of […]

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Air Vents VS. Air Ducts

September 27th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Unlike apples and oranges, the definition of air vents and air ductors are often confused on a daily basis. Besides sounding similar in name, these important parts of every HVAC system play a huge role in your everyday life. If you still can’t differentiate the two, then no need to worry — we’re here to […]

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How to Check and Remove Leaves From Your Air Duct

September 21st, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Autumn is the perfect time for light jackets, pumpkin picking, and most importantly: leaves in your air ducts! Even though you may not open your windows, there’s always a possibility that fall foliage can be lingering around in your unit. If you suspect you have leaves in your air ducts, or would just like to […]

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3 Ways Why a Clogged Air Filter Makes Your A/C Less Efficient

September 19th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Picture this: it’s a warm day that lacks a cool breeze. Before opening the windows in your home, you decide to turn on your A/C unit to break up the humidity. After the unit runs for about 10 minutes, you realize that there hasn’t been a significant temperature change. No, your A/C unit isn’t broken […]

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Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier in Your Basement

September 13th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

Deep below the earth’s surface lies the most essential space in most homes: the basement. While this might be the most popular spot for storage or social gatherings, it’s also the prime area for mold buildup. If you’re concerned about breathing in harmful airborne debris, then we strongly suggest you invest in a dehumidifier for […]

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3 Questions You Must Ask Before Assuming Your A/C is Broken

September 1st, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

An undesired milestone for many homeowners is when their A/C unit breaks. However, when many individuals believe that their A/C unit is broken —  it’s actually not. If you’re convinced that your unit is providing its last gust of cold air, then here are some questions you should ask before declaring it broken: Question 1: […]

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3 Things Nobody Tells You About A/C Units

August 28th, 2017 | Matt | Uncategorized

One of the most useful inventions on Earth is the air conditioner. Whether you’re trying to cool down your home or trying to get some air circulating in your office, this decent sized gadget gets the job done. Although may think you know everything about the standard A/C unit, here are some things that you […]

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